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Financial Resources and Links


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Finding a financial planner
Fee-Only Financial Planners
Check out your potential advisor Investment Advisor Public Disclosure - Investment Adviser Search

Divorce specialists:
   Find a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Free Financial Support for Women
Sudden Money specialists:
  • Find a Sudden Money Institute Advisor National Network of Advisors includes financial planners, wealth coaches, psychologists, attorneys and philanthropy experts trained in Financial Transitions Planning developed by The Sudden Money® Institute 
  • Kinder Institute of Life Planning   The Kinder Institute trains and coaches financial advisors worldwide in a method we call financial Life Planning.  This method is based on the premise that advisors should first discover a client’s most essential goals in life before formulating a financial plan, so a client’s finances fully support those goals

Cash Flow, Credit and Debt Management

red dot Financial Spreadsheets
red dot General Information and Managing Money
red dot Banks, Rates and On-Line Savings
red dot Loan Rates
red dot Credit Cards
red dot Debt Management
red dot Credit Reports
red dot Saving and Spending
red dot Job Tools
Download Financial Spreadsheets for 
General Information and Managing Money Banks, Rates and High Interest-bearing online accounts
Comparison of loan rates
  • Bankrate
  • LowerMyBills Refinance Mortgage, Home Loan, Home Equity, Home Purchase, Debt Consolidation , Compare Credit Cards
Credit Cards
Debt ManagementDebt Sucks Goodies
Credit Reports
Saving and Spending
  • RetailMeNot.com Coupon codes and discounts for 15,000 online stores
  • Honey  Automatic Coupons, Promo Codes, and Deals
  • GasBuddy.com Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada
Job Tools

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red dot Investments: General
red dot Investments: Asset Allocation
red dot Investments: Mutual Funds
red dot Investments: Annuities
red dot Investments: Bonds, CDs & Fixed Income Instruments
red dot Investments: SRI & ESG Investing
red dot Investments:Trivia

Investments: General

red dot Comprenhensive Sites
red dot Investing Support
red dot Market Index Statistics
red dot Discount Brokers
red dot Low Cost Investment Management Firm s
The longer you have to invest, the more risk you can afford to take.  
Comprehensive Sites

Investing Support
Market Index Statistics
Discount Brokers
Low Cost Investment Management Firms/Robo-Advisors

Investments:Asset Allocation

red dot Asset allocation:General
red dot Large Cap versus Small Cap
                          dot Asset class diversification: Water
                          dot Asset class diversification: Clean Energy
red dot Asset class diversification: Gold
                          dot Asset class diversification: Further Diversification

It is important to plan your asset allocation and rebalance portfolios annually
Asset allocation:General  

Asset allocation: large cap versus small cap   

Asset class diversification: Water Asset class diversification: Clean Energy Asset class diversification: GOLD
Asset class diversification: FURTHER DIVERSIFICATION

Investing: Mutual Fund

A diversified portfolio of mutual funds can be the core of most individual investor's portfolios
Index funds
Exchange Traded Funds

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Investments: Annuities
Annuitiy Basics

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Investments: Bonds, CDs, and Fixed Income Instruments
Fixed Income: General
Bonds vs. Bond Funds
Comparison of CD & money market & other key rates

Investments: Socially, Responsible & Impact Investing ...Environmental, Social & Governance Investing 
SRI/ESG: General
Specific Investments that make a difference
Investing: Green (also see above Asset class diversification: Clean Energy) Shareholder Activism

A principled portfolio  by Linda Tucci. Sharon Rich helps a young woman invest in Socially Responsible Funds in a Boston Globe Money Makeover, Dec. 17, 2006

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Home Ownership

red dot General information
red dot Mortgages
red dot Reverse Mortgages
red dot Homestead exemption
red dot Determining your home's basis
red dot Home Insurance
General information
Mortgages: shop your local market

Mortgage: Questions to ask

  • Interest rate? What index is it tied to?
  • What term? 15 years or 30 years? fixed or variable?
  • Prepayment penalty?
  • Closing costs?
  • Locking in time frame?
  • Points? (% of the loan upfront) one type of closing cost.
  • What % down?
  • Any first time home-buyer programs?
  • Avoid PMI (principal mortgage insurance if you put down less than 20%). Alternative, 2nd mortgage
Reverse Mortgages

Homestead exemption
Determining your home's basis

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It's important to look at a variety of strategies for covering the cost of college
College Planning
red dot College Planning: General
red dot Scholarship information
red dot Financial aid calculators
red dot Loans information
red dot Saving for college options including 529s

General information
Scholarship information

Financial aid

Loans: getting loans and managing loans

Saving for college options: 529 Plans, UTMA custodial accounts, Coverdell Ed. Savings, Taxable accounts

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Insurance is not a glamour topic but is a necessary part of financial planning.  You need to protect
yourself and your investments
-- Sharon Rich

While the key tenet of buying insurance is that it all should result in a financial loss on average (or else the insurance policy is unsustainable), that doesn’t mean all insurance is a losing proposition. It simply means that insurance should be targeted specifically for those situations where the risk would be so severe and catastrophic that self-insuring is either not feasible or just too disruptive to other goals.

Michael Kitces, Financial Planning,  12-1-14
"Smart Insurance Buying Rule"


red dot Insurance Company Ratings
red dot Life Insurance
red dot Disability Insurance
red dot Health Insurance
& Health Savings Accounts
red dot Long term Care Insurance
red dot Auto Insurance
red dot Home Insurance
                        dot Umbrella Liability Insurance
                        dot Trip Insurance
                        dot Pet Insurance
General information

Life Insurance
Disability Insurance

Health Insurance, Medicare & Health Savings Accounts

Long term Care Insurance
Auto Insurance
Home Insurance
Umbrella Liability Insurance
Trip Insurance
Pet Insurance
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red dot Taxes: General
red dot Payroll Tools
red dot Tax Preparation On-Line
                      dot State Tax Rates
red dot Tax Planning Ideas

Taxes: General
Payroll Tools
Tax Preparation On-Line
State Tax Rates Tax Planning Ideas 
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Retirement Planning

red dot Retirement accounts & Contributions
red dot Social Security: projections & when to take it calculators
                      dot Retirement Calculators
                      dot Retirement Distributions
                      dot Planning for Retirement
                      dot What to do in Active Retirement
red dot Miscellaneous Articles on Retirement
Retirement planning is often the primary reason people go to financial planners.
As life expectancy increases, we need to plan to have
resources to cover our expenses well into our 90s.
Retirement accounts & Contributions
        Roth IRAs & Roth Conversions
Social Security Projections (See list of financial calculators below)
Some specific calculators - play around with several of them:
Retirement Distributions Planning for Retirement Active Retirement - What to do next
Miscellaneous Articles on Retirement

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Philanthropy & Non-Profits
                      dot Evaluating the places you give to
                      dot Finding support around philanthropic giving
                      dot Organizations of interest
                      dot Planned giving
red dot Donor Advised Funds
red dot Serving on Non-Profit Boards
                      dot Micro-Finance
red dot Donating Personal Goods
red dot Donating you computer
                      dot Donating your Time

Evaluating the places you give to

Finding support around philanthropic giving

Organizations of interest

Planned Giving
Donor Advised Funds Serving on Non-Profit Boards Micro-Finance Donating Personal Goods & Determining the Fair Market Value of donated goods Donating you computer ...
    be sure to have your computer's memory wiped clean before donating Donating your Time

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 Estate Planning & Legal Docs

  • Will  
  • Trusts  
  • Health care proxy
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Homestead exemption
  • Beneficiaries on retirement accounts
  • Beneficiaries on life insurance
  • Ownership of assets
                                                       Financial planning must include planning for the time
when you are no longer
able to care for yourself
or you are no longer here
red dot Estate Planning: General
red dot Estate Planning: Massachusetts
                        dot Trusts
                        dot Executor or Estate Administrator
                        dot Health Care Proxy: MASSACHUSETTS
red dot Ethical Wills
                        dot HIPAA Release
                        dot Providing for Your Pets
                        dot Homestead exemption
                        dot Legal doc organizing 
red dot Organ donations
red dot Books about inheritance
                        dot Digistal Lock Boxes

Estate Planning: General Massachusetts Trusts If You Are an Executor, Estate Administrator or Personal Representative of an Estate Health Care Proxy: MASSACHUSETTS Ethical Wills HIPAA Release
Sample Forms:
Providing for Your Pets
Legal Docs

Organ Donation
Digital Lock Box

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red dot ElderCare: General
red dot ElderCare: Massachusetts
                      dot Long Term Care & Insurance
                      dot ElderCare: Financial Help
                      dot Elder Care: Legal Help
                      dot ElderCare: Medications
                      dot Aging and Dying
ElderCare: General
ElderCare: Massachusetts Long Term Care & Insurance ElderCare: Financial Help
ElderCare: Legal Help
ElderCare: Medications Aging and Dying

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Financial Planning Calculators

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Women & Money

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Young People & Money

                      dot Raising money-aware children
                      dot Cost of parenting
                      dot Money Games
                      dot Children's Books
                      dot Young People and Philanthropy
red dot Allowance
Raising money-aware children
Cost of parenting Money Games Children's Books
Young People and Philanthropy
  • Change for Change aims to create a charitably-minded generation of young adults engaged in philanthropy, always reminding young people that even small change can lead to big changes.
  • Resource Generation  "a national organization that works with young people with financial wealth who are supporting and challenging each other to effect progressive social change through the creative, responsible and strategic use of financial and other resources"

Allowance and Apps

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Money Psychology

red dot Psychology: General
red dot Articles
red dot Books
red dot Inheritance

Psychology: General

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Computer Care & Protection
                      dot Data protection
                      dot Spyware protection and Virus Protection
                      dot Web hosting
                      dot Other Computer Resources
Data protection Spyware & Virus protection
Web hosting & Blog sites

Other Computer Resources

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Car Buying

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Gay & Lesbian Issues

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Identity Theft

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General Financial Sites 

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Resources for Planners
Philanthropy Tools

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Blogs, Social Networks, & Podcasts

Financial Blogs (let me know of others you like)

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Money Makeovers

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Special Needs Issues

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Other Links
Free univesrity courses online
Setting up direct payments or credit card payments (for businesses or non-profits) Phone and video connections
Cheap checks

Boston area

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