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Socially Responsible Investing


By investing in a socially responsible framework, you can reflect your values through your investment practices. "I have a sustained view of the world," says Rich. "We have to match our personal investing practices to our vision of the world."

Rich's interest in socially responsible investing grew from her involvement with the Haymarket People's Fund. In the early 1980s, after reading Robin Hood Was Right : A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change, she contacted the book's publisher, the Haymarket People's Fund, a philanthropic organization working for social change.  Haymarket, started in 1974 by George Pillsbury and other young inheritors, offered "conferences about giving and social change for people with inherited and earned wealth." As a result of connecting with Haymarket, Sharon ended up in a support group about women and class. "It was made up of inheritors with leftist political views."  Over time, she attended and helped run the conferences for inheritors.  In addition, through Haymarket and through the Boston Women's Fund, she ran workshops as part of conferences focusing on Socially Repsonsible Investing.

booksIn 1986, Sharon Rich co-authored the book, The Challenges of Wealth, with socially responsible investor, Amy Domini, who developed the Domini 400 Social Index for the Domini Social Investment Fund, as well as with wealth counselor Dennis Pearne.

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